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INFORMATION & GENERAL SITES Self-styled 'The Internet Center for Choral Music' - with complete justification. Information and/or links on every topic to do with choral music. Comprehensive site describing itself as a Virtual Choral Library. A large number of resources, though it now requires a log in. The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd, the UK's Reproduction Rights Organisation. MCPS - American copyright licensing organisation, equivalent to the above. Music & Vision Magazine - The world's first daily classical music magazine. Comprehensive site with extensive classical links page ClassicOL - Classical Music Database. Over 4,500 links (you can add your own site instantly). Includes facility for making your own free classical music website.
SITES OFFERING FREE MIDI FILES OF CHORAL AND OTHER WORKS John Hooper's labour of love features anb extensive collection of choral works in midi format, along with madrigals and other partworks, hymns and carols. An invaluable resource. Contemplator - An outstanding site for lovers of folk music, but Lesley Nelson's brilliant midi adaptations of her own and others' arrangements make it also an outstanding site for lovers of any music. The Silvis 'Woodshed' - a famous site, with a wealth of midi arrangements of choral and other works Bach midi - There are others, but this really can claim to be the definitive Bach site. Bach also - more specialising in keyboard and orchestral than the above, but with some good choral too.
SITES OFFERING SCORES AND SHEET MUSIC Da Capo - Second-hand/antiquarian music, with stock listed on line. Musica Viva - Free sheet music. Not a lot of choral, but some instrumental. Free sheet music - "Locate thousands of free sheet music downloads, lessons, tips, and articles. Categorized by instrument and musical genre (including choral)." It does have a vast number of links to sites of musical interest. Be warned that a lot of searches on the site itself lead not to free, but to commercial, sheet music.
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