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Free scores and midi files to view, hear and download. A selection of madrigals & other 'a capella' works.

You can select the Category of part song and the Sort Order (above). Click on a voice button by a title in the list below to play a midi with that voice highlighted (or right-click to download it). The M button gives a balanced Mix with no particular voice highlighted. The stars ** are an entirely subjective difficulty rating.

Click on Scorch to view a work using Sibelius Scorch. You may need to download and install this plugin. We recommend you do this if possible, as the quality of the printed score can be very good.

Composer Title Midi Files Scores  
Arcadelt Il bianco e dolce cigno S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Arcadelt Margot labourez les vignes S A T B M  Scorch     *
Bartlett When from my love I looked for love S A T B M  Scorch Gif   **
Bennett Weep O Mine Eyes S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Byrd Though Amaryllis Dance in Green S1 S2 A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf ***
Cadeac Je Suis Déshéritée S A T B M  Scorch     **
des Pres J El Grillo S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Dowland Awake, Sweet Love S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Dowland Come Again! S A T B M  Scorch     ***
Dowland Fine knacks for ladies S A T B M  Scorch     **
Dowland Sleep Wayward Thoughts S A T B M  Scorch     **
Dowland Weep you no more sad fountains S A T B M  Scorch     **
Edwards R In going to my naked bed S A T B M  Scorch     **
Farmer Fair Phyllis I Saw S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf ***
Ford T Since first I saw your face S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Gastoldi Bellissima Mirtilla S1 S2 A T B M  Scorch     ***
Gibbons The Silver Swan S A1 A2 T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Gibbons What is our Life? S1 S2 A T B M  Scorch     ****
Henry VIII Pastime with good company S T B M  Scorch     *
Morley April is in my mistress` face S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Morley Fire, fire, my heart S1 S2 A T B M  Scorch     ***
Morley It was a lover and his lass S A T B M  Scorch     **
Morley Now is the month of Maying S A T2 B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Morley Sing we and chant it S1 S2 A T B M  Scorch     **
Morley Though Philomela lost her love S A B M  Scorch     **
Passereau Il est bel et bon S A T B M  Scorch     ***
Sermisy Tant que vivrai S A T B M  Scorch     **
Vecchi So ben mi ch`ha bon tempo S A T B M  Scorch     **
Wilbye Adew Sweet Amaryllis S A T B M  Scorch Gif Pdf **
Wilbye Flora gave me fairest flowers S1 S2 A T B M  Scorch     **


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