Some of the things our customers have said

Many thanks for the prompt despatch of the Mozart Requiem practice CD. Although concert itself is many months away, rehearsals don't begin until October - so CD will come in very useful meantime!

Christine Mackenzie, Scotland

I have to say that these practice parts are just great - so I will be checking your site more often to get some scores that we will be doing with my choir (and others just for my own learning and musical pleasure).

Anne-Marie Audet, USA

I received the CDs on Saturday - faster than I had anticipated. They are WONDERFUL. I am very challenged by the Bach pieces we are doing, and the CDs are helping me to overcome some of the more difficult parts of the music.

Karna Berry, USA

Many thanks for your prompt response to my plea for the Magnifcat CD. It really did make a big difference, helping me to learn the 2nd soprano part thoroughly.

Jeanne Powell, UK

Thank you very much. I used your Elijah CD last semester, and found it very useful.

Janet Kelly, USA

Thanks for the prompt servicing of my order. They have turned up with a speed that does credit to both the Royal Mail and Australia Post. I look forward to getting to work on them.

Michael Coughlan, Australia

I received my CDs yesterday, thanks. I'm trying the Messiah this year for the first time -- our director recommends some training CDs made by, which use actual voices. I much prefer your MIDI CDs -- I listened to a sample of the singharmony CD, and found the alto voice quite annoying. Three cheers for synthesized music! thanks

Barbara Leigh, UK

Many thanks for sending the CD so promptly - it arrived just 6 days after posting. I'm finding it a great help with learning my part. Keep up the good work.

Judi Graham, USA

I received the CDs yesterday. I had no idea they would come so quickly and I am very pleased with the quality and tempi. They will be a great help in preparing my church choir to sing the Gloria. You are providing a wonderful service.

Ray McDonald, USA

Thank you, We are finding these recordings indispensable for the choir at St Mary's. Best wishes.

Robin Harvey, UK

I'd like you to know that your rehearsal CD's were an outstanding success. Personally, having newly joined an established choir, they were my salvation! Only one hitch was that they were stolen on a flight to New York a couple of weeks ago. At that point I was no longer relying on them, however I will re-order the bass disc in due course.

Michael Drayton, UK

My order safely arrived this afternoon. Thank you. I am sure this will be a nice chance to review many of the tenor parts I have memorised.

Haruo Sato, Japan

Thanks very much for your note. It's always nice to receive personal attention. I have used Chorus Rehearsal before, and find it great. Regards

Jane Howard, UK

The CDs arrived today! Thank you so much. I think the quality is wonderful, and the recording is extremely helpful. In fact, I know that I would not be able to learn it without this recording. Thanks again, and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

Donna Bojus, USA

Just to let you know that the CD arrived safe and sound yesterday, thanks for your promptness in dispatching it. I think 4-5 days isn't bad at all, the postal system really does work! I am already benefiting from the CD and know it will make a big difference. Thanks again, I will tell my colleagues about your service.

Michelle Smithard, New Zealand

The CD of Elijah I purchased some time ago was a great help to me learning the tenor part, we in the Seafield singers based in Dublin joined with the East Choral Society who are based in Cork in the south of Ireland to give a performance in Cork City Cathedral last Saturday night. It was terrific, we are hoping to arrange a venue in Dublin later this year.

Noel Miller, Ireland

Thank you very much for the excellent service. The CD arrived very quickly.

Sue Melsher, UK

Thanks for the prompt response. Yvonne and I very much enjoyed and valued the set from last year's concert. Thanks for excellent products and service!

John Conrad, USA

Thanks for the prompt sending of my Messiah/ bass CD. I have to say it's a fantastic product and congratulate you for the insight to make this invaluable rehearsal tool!

Tony Partridge, UK

Thank you very much for your help in getting the Mozart Requiem bass practice CD. I just received it this afternoon. That was good time and plenty of time to help me with our Palm Sunday performance. I have gone through both sets of tracks already and they are very helpful.

Larry Fleming, USA

Just a note to let you know that the four 'Messiah' CDs have arrived safely. I'm not quite sure what the Vietnamese Customs censor made of them.......

David Hope, Vietnam

Thank you for excellent service, they arrived yesterday! I am very pleased with them, the Requiem is for Remembrance Sunday and the Gloria for our Christmas performance. I know I shall find them very helpful and have recommended you to a fellow alto of mine.

Caroline Kitcatt, UK

I received the CD yesterday. and it works just fine. I'm elated at how effective it is for me. I have played Ko-Ko in The Mikado and appeared in musical theatre but have a nasty time being part of a chorus since I barely read music. But long ago I swore I would do Messiah before I died, and this is the year. Yet after the first rehearsal I felt quite overwhelmed. Hopeless is a better word. Now I'm playing the CD almost non-stop and I think it's gonna work. I'll not only be up there watching the conductor, but actually singing the notes instead of lip-synching which was my fall back plan. Thanks no end.

John Houx, USA

Thank you very much for sending the CD. It arrived on Saturday morning and I have had a few practice sessions this weekend. May I congratulate you on a very efficient service and I will certainly be ordering from you again. Regards

Susan Robertson, UK

Excellent CD. Your a gentleman, a Scholar and a good judge of Irish (but of course) Whiskey

Patrick Scully, Ireland

Just to let you know that the order arrived today. I'll toast you and the mother country from Australia.

Bob Gulick, Australia

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