Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no words on the recordings?

The choir parts on the recordings we produce are synthesised rather than instrumental or vocal, both for economic reasons and because synthesised sound does the job of note rehearsal more clearly and effectively. No attempt is made to convey words or dynamics. In short, these are recordings to work with - which are also intended to be enjoyable when you hold a score and sing along with them.

Why are there no recent works on the list?

To stay within the law we are at present only able to produce rehearsal material that is out of copyright. Usually this means that the composer must have been dead for at least 70 years.

If you hunt around on the net you can find rehearsal tapes or CDs or midi files for works still under copyright restrictions, but for now (because we are chickens) we have decided to keep it legal.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes you can, but only within the UK.

Send us an email with your requirements, we will reply as soon as possible with a price. This will include a small surcharge for processing a cheque. You can then email us with your delivery address. When you receive the discs and have checked that they meet your needs, you send us a cheque or return the CDs.

Can I download mp3 versions of the CDs?

Not currently. This has been an intention of ours for quite some time, and we do intend to make mp3 downloads available. Hopefully it will not be too long before we do.

Can I buy the midi files?

Our apologies, but it is our policy not to make the midi files of the choral works available, as they represent hundreds of hours of work that would be too easily devalued by proliferation on the internet.

Simpler versions of many works in midi format can be found on the excellent George Silvis site.
How long does delivery take?

Small orders are normally despatched within 24 hours. Larger orders may take a little longer to despatch, please us with your requirements if you need more information.

CDs are despatched 1st class within the UK and normally arrive within a day or two.

Elsewhere in the world CDs are despatched using standard air mail delivery, and in Europe 4 to 5 working days should be allowed for delivery.

In the USA and Canada goods typically take 5 to 7 working days to arrive, and a couple of days longer elsewhere in the world.

Our apologies, but faster delivery than this cannot be arranged from our location.

Do you do cassette tapes?

Not any more. They were rarely requested and became awkward to produce. We have always recommended using CDs, as it is much easier to find specific tracks, and the pitch is always correct (tape players can vary in speed considerably).

We also have no objection to people making their own personal tape copy of their CD for use in the car etc.

Can I do business with you?

We receive many enquiries from people who create rehearsal files, tapes or CDs for their own choir, hoping to enter into some form of a business arrangement with us. But I'm afraid we don't currently do this.

We aren't trying to make a fortune out of this service, our primary aim is to cover our costs and labour time. While we do aim to be professional and efficient, we are not looking to expand at any great pace. Due to other commitments, we cannot devote any more time to this service than we already do.
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